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Strength training and fat
By increasing basic metabolism, strength training helps spend more calories at rest. An efficient way for burning fat, even while sleeping ! Lire

Strength training, an efficient way for loosing fat
How to make an isotonic sports drink
Hydrating during athletic workouts is essential but not sufficient: your drinks must be isotonic. Read

How to prepare an isotonic sports drink

The Handbook of Amateur Athletes
A veritable bouquet of tips sometimes not known to the general public.
"This book is GORGEOUS !" More

The Practical Handbook of Amateur Athletes

The Mont Ventoux
Legendary summit, terrifying by its slope, pitiless, Mont Ventoux thrills the best trained of cyclists. A must climb ! Read

The climbing of Mont Ventoux by bike

Col du Galibier
First time climbed by the Tour de France in 1911, Col du Galibier annually attracts thousands of cyclists. Unforgettable sceneries for this famous pass. Read

Climbing col du Galibier by bike

How to exploit the off season
Autumn has arrived. Is it time for a break or, on the contrary, to practice intensive indoor training ? Is cycling necessary ? What activities are recommended ? Guidelines. Read

How to train during the offseason

Climb profiles of famous passes
100 meter precision profiles for 10 famous French passes. More

Climb profiles of famous passes

Ideas of gifts and discount codes
Discover our shop and discount codes with our partners !   More

Ideas of gits and discount codes

Indoor bicycle trainer guide
Training tips, programs, more than 40 motivating workouts and some tests to evaluate your progress. More

Motivating training programs on indoor bike trainer

Hydration and performance
In the case of athletic work, hydration is vital. What are the risks of dehydration ? How to avoid overheating ? When and what to drink ? Read

Hydratation and athletic performance

Training with a Heart rate monitor
To optimize your training, test fitness, lose weight : the heart-rate monitor is your ally. Read

Heart rate monitor and athletic performance

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