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How to increase metabolism and burn more fat
Boost your metabolism and stay slim !
Metabolism is a process of transformation by which we burn our calories. This mechanism plays an essential role in our ability to lose fat, therefore weight. The higher it is, the less the reserves stored. Differences in metabolism between people explain why some tend to gain weight where others remain thin for the same quantity of food absorbed. It is therefore interesting to stimulate it, all the more that it decreases with age. Explanations and tips to increase your metabolism. Read.
Strength training : an effective way to burn fat
Burn fat by gaining weight !
Strength training can be a more effective way for burning fat than cardio training. It is not just a matter of developing muscles. By increasing base metabolism it helps the body consume more calories even at rest. When combined with cardio training, weight training is an excellent way to eliminate fat even when sleeping. Read
Hydration and athletic performance
Summer rhymes with danger : if heat is on the door, overheating is close !
Our body consists of more than 50 % water (55 to 65 % for women, 60 to 70 % for men). A sedentary adult looses between 2 and 3 liters per day. Half of it gets compensated by the food absorbed, half by the water. In the case of endurance efforts, hydration becomes essential, if not vital, for the proper functioning of the body. Any loss, even minor, affects performance. Severe dehydration can cause disease that can result in death.
What are the risks of dehydration ? How to avoid overheating ? When and what to drink ? Read
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