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Coros Apex: an attractive multisport and triathlon watch

by Philippe Baudoin © Copyright (published 02/11/2019)
Coros Apex

Neat design, quality materials, a virtual coach and interesting training tools

After the release of its first entry level triathlon watch, the Coros Pace, the Chinese start-up is now offering the Coros Apex, an elegant, robust and more complete watch with better autonomy and a completely new and very practical interface, all for less than 350 euros. It represents a good alternative to Garmin, Polar or Suunto. What is this multisport watch worth? Should you buy it? Detailed review and advice.

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Technical data

Apex 42 mm : 49 g
Apex 46 mm : 55 g
Apex 42 mm : 43 x 43 x 11,75 mm
Apex 46 mm : 47 x 47 x 11,9 mm
Apex 42 mm : color, 218 x 218 px, 1,1"
Apex 46 mm : color, 240 x 240 px, 1.2"
GPS / UltraMax / Watch+activity monitoring :
Apex 42 mm : 25 h/80 h/24 d
Apex 46 mm : 35 h/100 h/30 d
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou
Recommended activities
Triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, trail, hiking
iPhone, Android (no PC/web interface). Bluetooth wireless data transfer.
Cardio-frequency meter
Yes, optical at wrist, works under water
Topographic maps
Music player
Payment system
Telephony / 4G
Barometric altimeter
Yes (auto or manual calibration)
10 ATM (100 m), suitable for swimming and shallow water diving
Coros Trainer, physiological measurements (Stamina/effort resistance, VO2max, aerobic and anaerobic training effect, lactic threshold), race time prediction, GPS navigation, activity monitoring
Other models
Coros Pace (entry-level)
The Coros Apex is a complete, robust, elegant and highly autonomous running and triathlon watch offering advanced tools to help athletes, all at a competitive price

Coros Apex: in brief

An improved version of the Coros Pace

Coros is a Chinese start-up specializing in connected bicycle helmets. It recently launched itself into sports watches and in the spring of 2018, it released the Coros Pace (read our review and opinion), a triathlon watch, for less than 200 €. A few months later, it announced the launch of a new watch, still oriented towards running and triathlon, but even more complete, more robust, elegant, with better autonomy and a totally new and more practical interface: the Coros Apex.

This new model offered between 300 € and 350 € (depending on the model) can be seen as a revised and improved version of the Coros Pace. It is placed at the same level as the Garmin Forerunner 645 (without the many connected features offered by Garmin), the Suunto 5 or the Polar Vantage V, but below high-end models such as the Forerunner 945 or the Fenix 6.

3 big evolutions: noble materials, a "digital knob" to simplify navigation and 2 sizes of cases as at Garmin

Unlike the Coros Pace, which has a somewhat cheap look, this one is available in a pretty design with a titanium or ceramic crown (depending on the model), a sapphire crystal and an interchangeable bracelet without tools. The watch is therefore more robust but also more elegant.

Also new, it exists in 2 case sizes (43 and 47 mm) to adapt to all wrists, same thin. Coros adopts Garmin's strategy and its Fenix in 3 sizes.

The other big change Coros made on this new model is its interface. Instead of 4 push buttons, the watch has only 2, including a large knob, the "digital knob" for simplified navigation and possible use in difficult conditions (use of the watch during activity, use with gloves, use under water for example). Coros has taken up the concept of the Apple Watch here.

On the Apex there is a transflective non-tactile colour display of 218 x 218 pixels for the small model (Apex 42 mm) and 240 x 240 pixels for the large model (Apex 46 mm). Each model can display up to 6 data per screen.

Coros Apex


A serious alternative to Garmin, Polar and Suunto

The Coros Apex includes a GPS chip compatible with GLONASS, GPS, Galileo and Beidou (the Chinese satellite system), a new underwater optical heart rate monitor, a manual or automatic barometric altimeter, a compass, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and compatibility with external ANT+ sensors (including cardio belt or cuff, footpod, cadence, speed and power sensors for the bike). It is waterproof to 100 m (compared to 50 m for the Coros Pace) and therefore allows use in diving.

Its autonomy is still a little improved compared to the Coros Pace but only on the large model (Apex 46 mm). It reaches 35 hours in training mode, 100 hours in UltraMax mode and 30 days in watch mode with activity monitoring! We detail this below in the article.

It has 11 sports profiles: indoor and outdoor running and cycling, trail, hiking, swimming at sea and in the pool, triathlon/multisports, cardio indoors and outdoors.

As for sports functions, the watch offers a virtual coach (Coros Trainer) offering tailor-made training sessions and evaluating recovery time. She also knows how to estimate, based on the performance of the latest activities, the running time for a 5 km, 10 km, half-marathon and marathon. The Apex offers some physiological measurements (VO2max, lactic threshold, Aerobic and anaerobic Training Effect, threshold speed in particular), the programming of simple fractioned training sessions and, unlike the Coros Pace, GPS navigation (trace, route tracking, return to the start).

The Coros Apex manages activity monitoring (steps, calories, high floors, sleep quality) but does not measure stress level. It has alerts (heart rate, cadence, etc.).

It is a trail, running and triathlon-oriented watch with an excellent price-quality ratio and is a serious alternative to the equivalent watches of the market leaders (Garmin, Polar, Suunto). Be careful, it only works with a Smartphone (no web interface).

Go directly to our opinion on Coros Apex

Detailed review of the Coros Apex

The design: 2 case sizes, a sapphire crystal and a titanium or ceramic bezel

Coros Apex watch

The Coros Apex is an elegant watch available in 2 case sizes (as at Garmin!):

  • Coros Apex 42 mm: with a 43 mm diameter and 11.75 mm thick case and a 1.1 inch screen in 218 x 218 pixels.
  • Coros Apex 46 mm: with a 47 mm diameter and 12.9 mm thick case and a 1.2 inch screen in 240 x 240 pixels. Its autonomy is better than that of the small model.

The watch is available in several colours that vary according to the model (gold, black, white with a silver, grey or gold crown), with a 20 mm (Apex 42) or 22 mm (Apex 46) silicone strap that can be replaced without tools. Coros offers a choice of additional bracelets and a wide range of colours.

Unlike the Coros Pace, the Apex is equipped with a sapphire crystal (ultra-resistant) and a ceramic (42 mm model) or titanium (46 mm model) crown. This gives it a refined and robust appearance. These noble materials obviously add a little weight to the watch, but this is still very reasonable. At 49 and 55 g (compared to 48 g for the Coros Pace), we are a little above the weight of the Forerunner 645 (42 g) or Forerunner 245 g but below that of the Suunto 5 (66 g).

 Apex 42 mmApex 46 mmCoros Pace
Weight49 g55,3 g48 g
Case diameter43 mm47 mm46 mm
Thickness11.75 mm11.9 mm11.8 mm
Screen size1,1"1,2"1,2"
Screen definition218 x 218 px240 x 240 px240 x 240 px
Technical specifications of the Coros Apex

The screen offers a resolution of 240 x 240 px for the large model (such as the Forerunner 245 and 945 or the Fenix 6S) and only 218 x 218 px for the small model (such as the Fenix 5S). It is a transflective screen that can be read even in direct sunlight but a little dark in low light. The backlight is activated by pressing a button or moving the wrist. It can be completely disabled (movement + button). It is also possible to deactivate only the lighting by wrist movement by defining a sleep time slot (this allows you to use the backlight without being awakened by the light when you move the wrist).

The Coros Apex display offers up to 6 fully customizable data fields (including the 6th field that is no longer reserved for the chrono as in previous versions of the firmware). In comparison, Garmin offers 4 fields on its watches but up to 6 to 8 fields (depending on the model) on its latest Fenix 6.

Since March 2019, the French language has been added (after German and Spanish). The menus can therefore be read in French.

The digital knob: easy and accessible navigation even when wearing gloves

Coros Apex

One of the big differences between the Coros Apex and the Coros Pace is its completely revised interface. Three of the four push buttons have been replaced by a single knob, the "digital knob".

This concept, based on the Apple Watch, allows you to scroll through commands and menus or zoom in on a screen at the touch of a button. Turn the knob in one direction or the other and validate by pushing it. This practical solution makes it possible to use the watch with gloves, even large ones, and makes it easier to navigate during a sporting activity, including underwater.

Unlike the Apple Watch, the button is not "haptic" (no clicking effect), so a little less practical, especially for a first hand. It is easy to turn the knob a little too much and skip a screen or two by mistake. But it improves after the first few days of use.


The Apex is equipped with all the sensors needed for triathlon and its activities, including indoor training, but also for trail and hiking:

  • Wrist heart rate sensor operating underwater (as in Polar and Garmin). This model is equipped with sensors that detect good contact with the skin, a bit like Polar and its latest watches (Ignite, Vantage). The idea is to improve the results by considering only those measurements where the watch is really in contact with the skin
  • GPS: the chip is compatible with the main satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) and the Chinese Beidu system (BDS). GPS can be used alone or in combination with one of the other networks (e. g. GPS + Beidu).
  • Barometric altimeter with manual or automatic calibration: it measures the atmospheric pressure and deducts the altitude (GPS is not used). It can be calibrated manually to correct errors related to changes in atmospheric pressure or the watch can be allowed to use GPS for calibration. The Apex displays pressure and altitude (instantaneous, 4-hour average, min and max values over the last 24 hours) as well as graphs.
  • Compass: it allows you to orient a topographic map during a hike. It is also used by the intelligent stride algorithm to extrapolate the GPS track when the signal is weak. It can be calibrated manually.
  • Other sensors: the Apex is also equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer. They are used for indoor activities and to evaluate the GPS track when the signal is weak (see below). The watch also has a thermometer.
optical sensor
Coros Apex heart rate monitor on the wrist works underwater

The Coros Apex is waterproof to 100 m (10 ATM). It can therefore be used for swimming but also for diving in shallow waters.

In all its watches, Coros offers an intelligent stride algorithm capable of "predicting" the GPS track in the event of a weak GPS signal or loss of the signal (passage through a tunnel, difficult urban area, dense forest, etc.). The algorithm uses "machine learning" to learn the runner's habits and build a stride model that he will use to "guess" the circuit he has run. On the same principle as Suunto and its "FusedTrack" algorithm, the watch uses its on-board instruments (compass, accelerometer, gyroscope) and the famous stride model to reconstruct the GPS track. The algorithm is also used for indoor running and UltraMax mode (energy saving). However, the accuracy of the measurements depends on a good calibration of the compass beforehand.

External sensors can be connected to the watch using the ANT+ protocol, for example a cardio belt, a footpod, speed, cadence and power sensors (Stryd, etc.) for the bicycle. Coros should soon add the Bluetooth Smart protocol. This is currently only used for data transfer between the watch and a Smartphone.

Autonomy: unbeatable in watch mode and activity monitoring!

The Coros Apex offers a high autonomy, especially in a connected watch with activity monitoring (up to 30 days with the Apex 42 mm model, like the Coros Pace):

 Apex 42 mmApex 46 mm
Watch and activity tracking mode24 d30 d
GPS mode25 h35 h
UltraMax GPS mode80 h100 h
Autonomyof the Coros Apex

These good results are linked to an optimization of the hardware and OS (operating system). One can imagine that Coros, a young company in the field of sports watches, starts from a light OS and firmware, therefore less energy consuming than a leading brand.

The range can reach 100 hours in UltraMax mode on the 46 mm Apex. Coros saves battery power by activating the GPS for only 30 seconds every 120 seconds. The rest of the time (90 seconds), the trace is calculated using the Coros Intelligent Stride algorithm.

The watch is charged by a cable similar to that of Garmin (connector to be inserted on the back of the watch). It connects perpendicularly to the watch case. On the Coros Pace, it was a clamp (like Garmin on his previous models...).

Sports and athlete support functions

When it was launched, the Coros Apex offered only 7 sports profiles oriented triathlon and its activities exclusively (as on the Coros Pace). Since an update at the end of 2018, it benefits from 4 new profiles including hiking and trail. These profiles evaluate the 3D distance (3-dimensional distance), i.e. they take into account the difference in height for a more accurate measurement. Indeed, if you climb a slope, the distance seen flat on a map (2D distance) is always shorter than the distance actually covered (3D distance). In the extreme case of climbing a vertical wall, the 2D distance is even zero!

The profiles available are: running (outdoor and indoor), cycling (outdoor and indoor), swimming (sea and pool), triathlon/multisports, trail, hiking, indoor cardio (without GPS), outdoor cardio (without GPS).

You cannot create custom profiles. As for the multisport profile, it is not configurable because it uses the other profiles. It allows you to combine 2 or 3 different activities. For example, swimming, cycling and running (triathlon), or swimming and running but not swimming, running and swimming again (swim-run for instance).

We find the features already offered by the Coros Pace, the entry-level model. The watch records the essential data: circuit covered, time, distance, speed, speed, speed (running and swimming only), cadence, heart rate (even underwater), calories expended, altitude, height difference. For the bicycle, it also measures the slope and, with an external sensor, the power developed (instantaneous, normalized and average over 3, 10 and 30 seconds). The screens display instant and average values as well as a graph of the last 4 hours of heart rate, altitude and atmospheric pressure. In swimming mode, it displays time, distance covered, pace (speed in open water), heart rate, number of movements and SWOLF score (average, per lap and over the last length) and detects the type of swimming. The length of the pool can be programmed between 15 and 300 meters or yards.

The Apex has a metronome on board to work on the cadence and has an auto-pause function.

On the watch are some interesting tools to help athletes analyze and monitor performance:

  • Coros Trainer:, a virtual coach who evaluates the level of effort of a session, estimates the recovery time to be respected after a training session and offers adapted training and personalized advice. The algorithm is based on the history of the last 4 weeks of activity and takes into account recent activity data (pace, heart rate, distance). VO2max and lactic threshold are also considered. The idea is to help athletes to progress even without specific knowledge, a bit like the Polar Ignite.
  • Guided training: Coros Trainer offers aerobic and anerobic guided training (running only) to achieve a given goal. The watch must be indicated a level of Training Effect to be achieved (moderate, high or intense). The Apex then proposes a warm-up phase and then a training session to follow with a given duration and a heart rate zone to respect. The watch emits alerts when you train out of the zone. The duration of the activity is adjusted according to the results measured directly. The session ends with a recovery period.
  • Running time estimation: Coros proposes, like Garmin, a function estimating running time over a 5 km, 10 km, half-marathon and marathon according to physical condition (VO2max in particular).
  • Alert programming: they allow you to follow a programmed cadence, pace or speed or to train in a defined heart rate zone without having to look at your watch.
  • Programming of interval training sessions: the watch allows to program simple interval sessions (running and cycling), for example 5 series of 30"/10", but no complex training, for example 2 series of 5 x 30"/10".
  • Performance analysis: it is performed on the Smartphone, after data transfer. The app displays statistics and graphs on training and activity tracking. You will find all the data of the workout, the VO2max, the estimation of the lactic threshold, the training load over the last 7 days, the recovery time and advice to recover well, a fitness index and more.
watch and interface
Coros does not offer any web interface. You must have a smartphone to use the watch data.


Physiological measurements

Unlike its competitors Garmin or Suunto, who work with Firstbeat, or Polar, a leader in this field, which develops its own algorithms, the Chinese company works in partnership with an independent company to provide physiological measurements.

Training Effect

Coros offers a new indicator, the Stamina or resistance level. It informs the athlete, in real time, about the resources he/she can still provide for their running training session. It is a bit like Garmin's "body battery" or Suunto's "Body Resource" but applied to a training session. The watch estimates the total effort that the athlete should make to make the session effective and indicates in real time the energy left for the session. The idea is to optimize training while preventing overtraining injuries. If, at the end of the outing, the stamina is still high (for example 50%), it means that the training was too short or too moderate. If, on the other hand, the stamina is close to 0 well before the end of the training, it is because it has been too long or too intense and it would be better to stop and rest.

Coros also offers, like Garmin, the Training Effect (TE), an indicator that informs the user about the benefits of training on the aerobic (medium and long term efforts such as endurance efforts) and anaerobic (short but intense efforts, above the anaerobic threshold) capacities. The watch indicates whether the session had an impact and if so, to what extent (maintenance or improvement of skills). This indicator is only available for running.

Other physiological measurements include VO2max, resting heart rate, estimated lactic threshold value, threshold rate, training load.


The Coros Apex offers half a dozen widgets: display (values and graphs) of atmospheric pressure, altitude, temperature and heart rate, activity monitoring, compass.

GPS navigation

navigation and GPS track

Absent from the original version, GPS navigation was cruelly lacking on a watch of this price. This has been corrected by Coros since March 2019. The watch displays the GPS track of the route taken. You can also follow a route previously recorded in the watch or retrace your steps by following the recorded track. And if we move away from the trail, the watch issues an alert.

Activity monitoring

The Coros Apex offers classic activity monitoring: distance, number of steps, calories burned, sleep quality (light, deep, paradoxical/REM) and, thanks to the barometric altimeter, number of floors climbed. However, it does not offer the possibility of defining objectives to be achieved.

Connected functions

They are basic. The Apex can only handle notifications from Smartphones (SMS, emails, incoming calls) and traditional applications (WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, FB, WeChat, FB Messenger). There is also an assistance function in the Smartphone application but nothing on the watch.

The interface

Coros does not offer any computer interface. It is therefore necessary to have a compatible smartphone or to use a third-party application such as Strava or Apple Health to use the watch data on a computer.

The interface allows you to manage the recorded data, display the route on a map, display activity monitoring (sleep graphs, etc.) and customize the watch.

Coros highlights a data transfer speed up to twice as fast as its competitors, thanks to "UltraSync", an ultra-fast transfer function based on optimizing the size of data files.

Comparison Coros Apex versus Coros Pace

The Coros Apex is an improved version of the Coros Pace. It takes over all the functions, adds some of them, in particular the Stamina. It is mainly the technical characteristics (format, size), interface (buttons), autonomy and materials that change.

To briefly summarize the differences between the Coros Pace and the Coros Apex, the Apex also offers:

  • 2 case sizes (43 and 47 mm) to fit all wrists
  • A more robust design with a ceramic (Apex 42 mm) or titanium (Apex 46 mm) crown and a sapphire crystal
  • 2 buttons instead of 4, including a digital knob
  • A smaller screen and a slightly lower resolution on the 42 mm Apex (the small model)
  • Improved range in GPS and UltraMax mode for the larger model
  • Some functional innovations (Stamina indicator, guided training)

We will soon be offering a comparison between the different models of Coros sports watches.

Our opinion

A very good value triathlon, trail and hiking watch

For 100 or 150 € (depending on the model) more than the Coros Pace, the entry-level model with a slightly cheap look (all plastic), the Coros Apex offers a more neat and robust design. The ceramic or titanium crown and sapphire crystal give it a beautiful look without increasing the weight too much. The bracelets are interchangeable without tools. The navigation interface is significantly improved thanks to the "digital knob" and makes it possible to use the watch with gloves or during an activity.

GPS navigation is also an additional and valuable asset. With the barometric altimeter, compass, 3D distance calculation and the new Trail and Hiking profiles, this watch will appeal to trailers and hikers as much as runners and triathletes.

Stamina's indicator is a plus for training. We couldn't find it on the Coros Pace. With Coros Trainer and guided training, you will be able to progress even without any knowledge and avoid injuries.

With its high autonomy, especially on the 46 mm model, this watch can last for a long time without being recharged, even when practising several hours of sports per week.

Reliability of measurements (GPS, cardio, physiological measurements)

Tests conducted on the Apex show GPS measurements to be as reliable as or better than those of the leaders (Garmin, Polar, Suunto). The tests performed by Coros also confirm this.

Regarding the cardio optic data, we know that the accuracy of the cardios on the wrist is not very reliable and that it will never be equivalent to that of a chest belt. Sweat, hairs, bad contact with the skin are factors that greatly influence the measurements. The Apex does not seem to do any better than the competition and the results would be chaotic or even unusable when the heart rate is high, when the rhythm changes rapidly or in the water. For reliable measurements, it is therefore better to wear a belt.

Physiological measurements depend on the accuracy of heart rate measurements and their variability (so it is better to use a cardio belt for accuracy) but also on their proper use by Coros. The reliability of the training tools (calculation of recovery time, Stamina, etc.) depends on it. Can we rely on Coros here as much as on the leading brands?


This watch seems interesting to us for its value for money. It has several advantages. It is a triathlon watch. It is well equipped. It can also be used for trail and hiking. It offers interesting tools to help athletes (Stamina, Coros Trainer and guided training, recovery time, race time predictor) and performance analysis. The design is neat and the materials of quality (rare at this price): sapphire crystal, ceramic or titanium crown. Finally, it is equipped with a barometric altimeter with manual or automatic calibration.

Admittedly, apart from Smartphone notifications, there are no connected functions like at Garmin but is it useful for a purely sporting use? It's hard to find a better price. The only question mark remains the quality of the physiological measurements (are they reliable, can we therefore trust the results and advice of Coros Trainer?).

The Coros Apex seems to us an interesting alternative to the Polar Vantage M or even the Polar Vantage V, the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR, the Suunto 5 or, in the higher range, the Suunto 9 or the excellent Garmin Forerunner 945. For running and a watch of similar price, our preference is the Forerunner 245 (with or without mp3 player) or the Forerunner 645. See also our comparisons: best GPS cardio watches for triathlon and best GPS cardio watches for running.

Coros Pace or Coros Apex, which one to choose?

The Coros Pace seems perfect for triathletes and trailers with limited budgets. There are interesting tools and all the necessary sensors, including a barometric altimeter.

The Coros Apex is certainly more expensive from 100 to 150 € but it is prettier, more robust, its interface is more practical thanks to the digital knob and it has more complete training tools. If the budget allows it, between the two, it is definitely the Coros Apex you should choose!

We liked
  • A triathlon watch with an excellent price-quality ratio
  • Its excellent autonomy (GPS mode and watch)
  • The barometric altimeter and its manual calibration
  • Coros Trainer and guided training
  • Materials (sapphire crystal, titanium or ceramic crown)
  • The Digital Knob, very practical
We would have liked
  • More visibility on the reliability of physiological measurements
  • More sports profiles
  • Bluetooth Smart compatibility for sensors
  • A web interface for use on a computer

Price and availability

The Coros Apex is available at the recommended price of 299 € (Apex 42 mm) and 349 € (Apex 46 mm). Discover it at our partners and enjoy our promo codes.

Buy Coros Apex 42 mm

Price (from)
330,69 €
299,00 €
299,00 €
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Buy Coros Apex 46 mm

Price (from)
Voir le site
349,00 €
299,99 €
349,00 €
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