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thin woman measuring her waist
5 amazing tips for losing weight

Simple and original advice to make the difference!.  

food, trainers and dumbbells
10 key foods to improve your athletic performance

No good performance without a balanced diet. [...]

cardio watch and food for athletes
Sport and nutrition: 7 tips to optimize your performance

Find out how to improve your performance and find more fun in your sport with a few easy tips.

couple courant
How to increase metabolism and burn more fat

Boost your metabolism and stay slim! Metabolism is a process of transformation by which we burn our calories.

Strength training : an effective way to burn fat

Strength training can be a more effective way for burning fat than cardio training. It is not just a matter of developing muscles.

sportswoman drinking water
Hydration and athletic performance

What are the risks of dehydration ? How to avoid overheating ? When and what to drink ?


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