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Physical activity alone is not enough to progress in sport or lose a little weight. Diet plays an essential role in sports, whether to improve endurance, prepare for competition or stay healthy. Discover our detailed explanations and practical sports nutrition tips to improve your performance, stay in shape, lose weight or simply enjoy your sport more.

cocoa pod
The virtues of cocoa

Or how to turn a delicacy into a superfood new article

woman eating chia seed flan
Chia seeds : small seed - great power

A superfood with multiple benefits, especially for athletes

Athlete suffering from tendinitis
Tendinitis: how to treat and prevent them

Inflammation of the tendon that takes a long time to heal but that can be prevented by taking a few precautions. 

Food supplements for sport
The 5 best food supplements to improve sports recovery

Optimize your muscular, articular and nervous recovery!

Women eating healthy foods
10 foods that are good for you

They help improve health, prevent certain serious diseases and enhance sporting performance

Marathoners at the refreshment station
Marathon: what to eat?

Practical advice to help you have more fun, optimize your performance and recover quickly

fitgirl with a snack
The top 5 food supplements for fitgirl

A good boost to be more toned and lose fat

food for athletes
Sports nutrition: easily create your own 100% personalized food program

Practical advice for tailor-made sports menus

full breakfast for athletes
The ideal breakfast for athletes

Combine "good" carbohydrates with protein and fat

exhausted woman in hypoglycemia
Hypoglycemia: how to avoid it?

What you need to know. Practical tips to prepare yourself and maintain an effort over time.

thin woman measuring her waist
5 amazing tips for losing weight

Simple and original advice to make the difference!.

food, trainers and dumbbells
10 key foods to improve your athletic performance

No good performance without a balanced diet. [...]

cardio watch and food for athletes
Sport and nutrition: 7 tips to optimize your performance

Find out how to improve your performance and find more fun in your sport with a few easy tips.

couple courant
How to increase metabolism and burn more fat

Boost your metabolism and stay slim! Metabolism is a process of transformation by which we burn our calories.

Strength training : an effective way to burn fat

Strength training can be a more effective way for burning fat than cardio training. It is not just a matter of developing muscles.

sportswoman drinking water
Hydration and athletic performance

What are the risks of dehydration ? How to avoid overheating ? When and what to drink ?