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Advice and Training tips

Here you will find explanations and tips on training for athletes, from beginners to professionals, programs and exercises, tips to progress quickly, improve performance, build muscle, gain endurance, train without injury or simply improve your physical condition while staying healthy. Also discover recommendations and purchasing guides to choose the right fitness equipment.

Couple running
Running: 10 mistakes to avoid when starting out

Find more fun running by following these 10 simple tips 

Woman lacing her purple sneakers on the beach
5 easy tips for getting back into sport

The health benefits of sport are well proven. However, after a long interruption, it is not always easy to [...]

runners getting somthing to drink
How to make an isotonic sports drink ?

Moisturizing during exercise is essential, but not just any way: drink isotonic! Explanations, tips and recipes for making a sports economy drink yourself.

How to choose the right electric bike?

The e-bike is a bicycle to which a small motor has been added to make pedaling much easier. It is an economic and ecological solution [...]

electric urban bicycle
The electric assist bike (EAB): why it arouses so much interest?

Its popularity continues to grow and sales explode (+90% in 2017!). Equipped with a small motor powered by a battery, it assists you in your pedalling effort.

Man running with a cardio-GPS watch
How to train with a heart rate monitor?

Tame your heart!

Man running in the forest in autumn
How to make the most of the off-season?

When fall arrives, vary your activities!