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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music : Music and more!

par Philippe Baudoin © reproduction interdite (publié le 03/08/2018)
Vivoactive 3 Music : connected with payment and music

In-depth review of the multisports and connected watch with payment and now music for only 30 € more!

As expected, Garmin completes its much appreciated Vivoactive 3 with an mp3 player to listen to music everywhere without having to carry a Smartphone. The smartwatchalso features a seamless screen and a few minor changes. An update on this little gem of technology and our opinion on this new model.

Buy Vivoactive 3 Music

Price (from)
299.99 235 €

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Buy Vivoactive 3

Price (from)
299.99 235 €

Commercial links. Prices are not contractual. Please visit the merchant site.

Presentation of the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Garmin just announced, on June 13th, the release of Vivoactive 3 Music, an improved version of the Vivoactive 3 that we recently reviewed. This new model is almost identical except for the addition of an mp3 player associated with 4 GB of memory to embark and listen anywhere his favorite music: sport, city, work... No more bulky Smartphone carrying to go to the gym or to get around! The watch allows you to train lightly and in complete freedom.

This innovation is not new. Garmin had recently integrated this function into the very complete Forerunner 645 Music, a premium running watch for more experienced users. By integrating an mp3 player into the Vivoactive 3, a more versatile watch, the brand is on a par with its competitors (Apple, Fitbit and Tom Tom) and reaches a much wider audience, both sports and non-sports enthusiasts.

The Vivoactive 3 Music is a stylish multi-sport GPS connected watch (more than 15 sports available), with a light and slim touch screen that accompanies you in your daily life and sports activities. It has a contactless payment function to simplify your life.

The main functions of the Vivoactive 3 Music

The Vivoactive 3 Music is almost the clone of the previous model with an extra mp3 player (read our review and review on the Vivoactive 3). There are still some differences to take into account to help you choose between the 2 models.

It is a very complete watch for its price, versatile and offering many functions. That is why we considered it the"Swiss Army Knife Watch" in our Vivoactive 3 magazine. This watch is also aimed at a wide public, from athletes to non-athletes, whether for sports or activity monitoring.

Vivoactive 3 watch and sports

The smartwatch includes the following main functions :

  • Multisports more than 15 integrated sports (running, cycling, swimming (pool), skiing, golf, yoga, weight training, indoor sports including elliptical, rower, stepper, etc.)
  • Music function mp3 player and 4 GB of memory (about 500 tracks) with Bluetooth connection - New
  • Edgeless screen and ultra resistant curved glass - New
  • Wrist heart-rate monitor (optical reader)
  • Payment GarminPay (NFC chip)
  • Customizable via Connect IQ : thousands of free screens, widgets and applications to download from the Connect&trade shop;
  • Activity monitoring : number of steps covered, calories burned, sleep analysis, gravis floors, etc.
  • Numerous functions : calculation of VO2max and fitness age, stress and fitness testing, workout programming, relaxation exercises and much more
  • Connected watch: call notifications, emails and SMS, remote object control (sport camera, lighting), live weather information, being followed during your sport, Uber support tracking, etc.

Woman running while listening to music with a watch
The Vivoactive 3 Music integrates an mp3 player and 4GB of memory to store up to 500 music tracks to listen with Bluetooth wireless headsets

The music function: up to 500 tracks

This is the great novelty of this model. For 30 € more than the old model released in 2017, Garmin offers an mp3 player embedded in its Vivoactive 3 Music and enough memory to carry up to 500 musical titles. So you no longer need a Smartphone to listen to music when you run, walk, shop or even work. A simple Bluetooth headset is enough to listen freely!

You can also connect the watch to other devices (headphones or Bluetooth speakers for example) and thus enjoy your music, listen to an audio class or a conference at home in your sofa or in the shower. Volume control and song selection are made from the watch. It can also be done from a smartphone using Bluetooth.

The smartwatch makes it easy to import personal audio files from a computer via a USB cable and the free Garmin Express application or even Wi-Fi from some platforms offering streaming music like Deezer (for subscribers to the Deezer Premium+ service, an option that Garmin promises since the release of the previous model and which should be offered very soon). Once synchronization is complete, the music can be played directly on the watch without connection. The Vivoactive 3 Music supports many formats (AAC, MP3, M4A, M3U, M3U8, PLS, WAV, WLP).

Note that it is not possible to transfer protected files, for example songs purchased on a streaming service other than those with an agreement with Garmin (like Deezer soon). So if you're a Spotify user for example, you won't be able to import music from this platform.

Features of Vivoactive 3 Music

43 g
Case dimensions
43.1 x 43.1 x 13.6 mm
Screen dimensions
30.4 mm, 240 x 240 px (reinforced glass)
7 d (watch) / 5 h (GPS + music)
MP3 player
Recommended activities
More than 15 including skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, golf, yoga, strength training, elliptical, rowing
Activity tracker
HR monitoring
Yes (at wrist)
Smart notifications
iOS, Android. Bluetooth wireless data transfer.
Contactless payment, anti-reflective and borderless colour touch screen (edgeless), VO2max, real-time tracking (LiveTrack),

Vivoactive 3 versus Vivoactive 3 Music: comparison and differences

watches Vivoactive 3 and Vivoactive 3 Music compared

Apart from the addition of an mp3 player, there are very few differences between the 2 models. However, we have found some changes that are good to know before making your choice. It seems that Garmin has done its utmost to get the lowest prices to offer this new model at the best price. The steel bezel, a little lighter in weight but a thicker case, and a shorter range have disappeared.

To learn more about the differences between the two models and to see a comparative table, consult our article : Comparison Vivoactive 3 vs Vivoactive 3 Music : the differences, which to choose ?

Our opinion about Vivoactive 3 Music

We could not test this watch which is very similar to the Vivoactive 3. However, we did review the user manual and reviewed the differences posted on the Garmin site.

Avis et comparatif de montres cardio

Jolie montre cardio Une sélection de 25 montres sportives au meilleur prix

Le cardio-fréquencemètre est devenu un outil incontournable du sportif, que ce soit pour s'entraîner, perdre du poids ou simplement maintenir sa forme. Mais les montres actuelles offrent bien plus que le simple relevé du pouls. Selon le sport pratiqué, elles embarquent un nombre impressionnant de fonctions annexes permettant de tirer le meilleur parti de sa sortie. Comment s'y retrouver ?

The presence of an mp3 player on this watch (and probably on other Garmin sports watches in the near future) is a real asset for all those who enjoy doing sports, walking or even working while listening to music without having to carry a mobile phone. You transfer your favorite music (individually or by playlists) directly on the watch in a few clicks then you put on the bluetooth headphones and let's go for hours of music (Garmin announces up to 5 hours of autonomy).

For 30 € more, there is no hesitation, especially since Garmin has lowered the price of the old model. So, for the same price, we now have an mp3 player! Besides, we found this watch prettier because of its curved screen and without edges.

The fact that the case is a little thicker is not a problem. The difference is relatively small, but you still need to know because some people may be sensitive to it. We can also regret the disappearance of the stainless steel bezel which gave the watch a more robust appearance. The menu scroll strip on the side of the watch has also been removed on this version of the watch, yet i twas quite convenient.

For those who do not listen to music or cannot separate themselves from their Smartphone, this new watch is obviously of no interest compared to the old model.

For demanding sportsmen looking for a watch with music, it is better to choose a more complete watch like the Forerunner 645 Music (read our review here). But if the budget is tight and you are looking for a simple and cheaper watch, you can look at the Tom Tom Runner 3 Music (with GPS track) or otherwise, for an even smaller price, the Tom Tom Runner 2 Music (see our test).

We liked
  • "Swiss Army Knife" side of the watch (wealth of functions, number of sensors) completed by the very practical music function
  • Design, touch edgeless screen
  • Number of Sports
  • Contactless payment
  • Connected functions (test of physical condition, etc.)
  • Price (the same as the old model before its price review)
We would have liked
  • Side touch strip to scroll through menus (present on the old model !)
  • A little more battery autonomy

Price and availability of the Garmin Vivoactive 3

Vivoactive 3 Music is available on the Garmin website and on the Internet. It will soon be in the big chains (Boulanger, FNAC, etc).

It is offered at 329,99€ (recommended price) or 299,99€ for the model without music. These prices include the watch with its strap, a charging and data transfer cable.

Interchangeable bracelets can be purchased in addition and are available at 29.99 €

Philippe Baudoin
Copyright © Sport Passion

Buy Vivoactive 3 Music

Price (from)
299.99 235 €

Commercial links. Prices are not contractual. Please visit the merchant site.

Buy Vivoactive 3

Price (from)
230 145 €

Commercial links. Prices are not contractual. Please visit the merchant site.

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