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Garmin Edge 130 Plus: a GPS bike and mountain bike computer with excellent value for money

by Philippe Baudoin © Copyright (published 20/08/2020)
Garmin Edge 130 Plus

The essentials in a compact and lightweight GPS

Launched in 2020, the Edge 130 Plus is an enhanced version of Garmin's successful entry-level meter, Edge 130. Compact and lightweight, it offers essential features for cyclists and mountain bikers, turn-by-turn navigation, athlete assistance features including ClimbPro, advanced training programming, mountain bike dynamics and connected features for sharing data or communicating with friends. A GPS with excellent value for money. In-depth review and opinion.

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Garmin Edge 130 Plus Quick Overview

An entry-level GPS meter that offers the essentials for cycling and mountain biking

Released in June 2020, the Garmin Edge 130 Plus is a GPS bike and mountain bike computer. It is one of Garmin's entry-level models. This model is an improved version of the Edge 130 released in 2018 (see below the differences between the 2 models).

The Edge 130 Plus is a compact, ultra-lightweight meter (lighter than most cardio watches!) with a black and white non-touch screen that is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight. It offers fairly complete functions for the price, enough to satisfy many cyclists, despite the lack of mapping.

Equipped with GPS, barometric altimeter and accelerometer, it displays and records essential route data (distance, speed, altitude, GPS track) and offers navigation along a programmed route (roads, paths and tracks most used by the community), with track display, turn-by-turn directions and the possibility of returning to the starting point.

It also offers some functions to help athletes and monitor performance. The ClimbPro function allows you to evaluat climbs (profile, difficulty, altitude difference and distance remaining). By coupling it with external sensors, you can record data on heart rate, cadence, power and calories burt. The Edge evaluates the VO2max, recovery time and the efficiency of a workout based on past outings. Mountain bike metrics provide information on jump data, difficulty of the ride and the fluidity of the descents in order to improve technique.

The Edge 130 Plus offers connected features, including LiveTrack for Internet tracking, compatibility with Varia products (lights and radar), compatibility with third-party platforms (Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc.), Smartphone notifications, extended display (e.g. cardio watch data), home-trainer control. It also knows how to detect falls and send an SOS with transmission of GPS coordinates.

In short, it is quite complete for its price and should please most cyclists and touring cyclists looking for a not too expensive device.

For whom?

The Edge 130 Plus is for all cyclists, whether for road, touring, Gravel, cyclocross, competition or simply to go to work. Its navigation functions and tools for the sportsman are sufficient for occasional to regular use. Its small size makes it perfect for mountain biking (less risk of breakage).

For competition, where sports functions are a must, or for cycling tourism, where mapping is highly recommended, it is better to go for a more high-end model. See our comparison between Garmin Edge models.

The Garmin Edge 130 Plus is an entry-level GPS bike and mountain bike computer with route navigation, athlete assistance functions and interesting connected functions

Edge 130 versus Edge 130 Plus: comparison, the differences between the 2 models

The Edge 130 Plus takes up the design and technical features of the previous Edge 130 model. The differences are in functionality, battery life and memory. Here are the main differences. We detail them later in the article:

  • The addition of the ClimbPro function (management of climbs, profile, percentage of slope, etc.).
  • The addition of incident detection (falls, shocks)
  • The addition of an accelerometer (used for incident detection and ATV metrics)
  • The addition of MTB Dynamics (Grit, Flow, Jump functions)
  • The ability to program advanced workouts
  • The addition of Virtual Racer
  • The possibility to control a Tacx home-trainer (resistance, etc.). This function will be added in the near future via a software update.
  • Enhanced LiveTrack function (already present on Edge 1030 Plus and soon on other Edge models): guests can now see the route they have taken in addition to the athlete's position on the map. The interface has also been revised and simplified.
  • Automatic configuration of sensors and profiles from the old Garmin device (for up to 20 sensors)
  • Doubling of the memory capacity (30 trips can be recorded instead of 15)
  • A lower autonomy (15 h max instead of 12 h)

The price of the old model drops by 70 €. The new model is offered at the price of the old model, which is about 200 €.


Edge 130 Plus and mountain bike mount
Edge 130 Plus is a compact, ultra-lightweight computer that offers the essentials for cycling and mountain biking, including route tracking


Garmin Edge 130 Plus features

33 g
Black & White, touch, 1.8 inch, 303 x 230 pixels
Bike, Gravel bike, Cycle touring
Up to 12 hrs
30 course, 100 hr history, 100 waypoints
Barometric altimeter
ANT+ and Bluetooth. Cardio belt compatibility, cadence, speed, power, Varia, home trainer (coming soon)
Burn calories
Yes (with cardio belt)
Yes, with Smartphone
IPX7 (withstands rain, snow, mud, splashes)
ClimbPro, Physiological measurements (VO2max, recovery time, training effect score), MTB dynamics, advanced training programming, LiveTrack, Vitual Partner, SOS function in case of fall

Detailed review of the Garmin Edge 130 Plus

Edge seen on the edge

Design and technical features: compact and lightweight

The Edge 130 Plus has the same features as the previous model, Edge 130. It's compact, rugged and ultra-lightweight (only 33g, the weight of Forerunner 45S, the entry-level watch for runners!). So it won't penalize you on your bike and, thanks to its small size, it'll stand up well to falls on mountain bikes.

Its watertightness (IPX7 standard) allows it to be used in all conditions: rain, snow, mud splashes. It can even be submerged under certain conditions (up to 1 metre deep and for no more than 30 minutes).

It features a 1.8-inch (45 mm) black and white, non-touch, 303 x 230 pixel screen that is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight. It can display up to 8 data fields and offers the possibility to scroll through the screens automatically.

Its memory can store up to 30 trips (compared to 15 for the old model) or 100 hours of trips and 100 points of interest (waypoints).

It comes with 1 standard bike stand, a micro-USB cable, an elastic strap and a starter manual. Garmin also offers a heart rate pack (HRM) including a cardio belt for an additional €50 and a mountain bike pack including a mountain bike mount (in addition to the standard mount), a speed sensor, an Edge handlebar mount remote control and a silicone cover for an additional €70.

The autonomy: 12 h max.

The Edge 130 Plus has a maximum of 12 hours of autonomy (15 hours for the old model). And this value is indicated for minimalist use: use of GPS alone (without GLONASS and Galileo), without external sensors, without following a programmed route, without a paired Smartphone and provided that it does not interact too much with the meter (maximum 5 interactions per hour according to the specifications). For use with external sensors, a connected Smartphone or by following a route, the autonomy may drop to 8-10 h.

Unfortunately, Garmin does not offer compatibility with Garmin Charge, an external waterproof battery to be connected under the meter, for this meter.

Sensors: compatibility with external ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors

Edge 130 Plus includes a GPS compatible with the main satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo), an accelerometer (new) and a barometric altimeter.

Tests show that GPS offers excellent satellite reception. The accelerometer is used for incident detection (it detects speed variations, such as those caused by shocks) and ATV dynamics (jumps in particular). The barometric altimeter, unlike GPS altitude measurements, offers much greater measurement accuracy. It is calibrated from the GPS. Garmin has not provided for manual calibration.

The meter is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors: speed, cadence, power, heart rate monitor (chest belt), Varia products (Radar and Lights). Garmin announces that its speedometer will soon be able to control a Tacx home-trainer (a software update is planned for the last quarter of 2020).

Regarding power management, it should be noted that Edge 130 Plus does not use all the data from compatible power sensors (Vector, etc.). It only takes into account the power. Other data (push phases, pedaling efficiency, right-left balance, etc.) are simply ignored.

The Edge also offers Extended Display, which is the ability to be paired with another Garmin device, such as a watch, to display data from a current activity. This allows triathletes to ride their bikes and view the data from their triathlon watch directly on the Edge computer rather than removing the watch and attaching it to the bike rack.

GPS navigation: route tracking and turn-by-turn guidance

Edge 130 Plus showing GPS track
Garmin Edge 130 Plus guides you along a programmed route with turn-by-turn directions

Edge 130 Plus does not offer onboard mapping (background maps) and therefore does not offer route planning. It displays the GPS track and offers navigation along a route preloaded in the unit. If the route was built from Garmin Connect, the GPS will even offer turn-by-turn guidance instructions like a car GPS, showing upcoming turns, changes in direction, distance to next turn.

For the creation of itineraries, Garmin offers access to roads and bike paths as well as to the most frequented routes in the community (heat maps). After preparing the route, all you have to do is synchronize it on the Edge. Alternatively, a compatible third-party platform can be used for these operations.

You can return to the starting point at any time, either by retracing your steps or in a straight line (as the crow flies).

An automatic pause (to be activated in the settings) allows the recording to be paused automatically during stops.

Sports functions: training programming, physiological measurements, mountain bike dynamics

The Edge 130 Plus is suitable for road and mountain bike rides but also for indoor cycling (spinning, home-trainer), electric bike and mountain bike, Gravel, cyclocross.

Like any bike computer, it records and displays essential output data: time, speed, distance and, if compatible sensors are available, cadence, power, heart rate and calories. Thanks to its altimeter it also indicates the altitude and accumulated altitude difference. Its GPS chip allows it to record the route and display it on a map after the outing (on Smartphone or PC) in addition to displaying the track in real time on the Edge's screen.

Garmin Connect then allows you to view all the statistics in the form of reports and graphs. You can analyze your workout to improve your technique and training, get detailed statistics and much more.

Edge 130 Plus showing workout schedule
Program your workouts on Garmin or a compatible platform and then transfer and track them directly to Edge 130 Plus

The novelty of this model (compared to Edge 130) is to offer advanced training programming. Programming (warm-up time, repetitions, duration, etc.) is done on the Garmin interface or on a third party application (TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad, etc.). The user can program goals to be achieved (power, heart rate, for example). Then simply load the data onto the Edge to follow the training.

Another new feature is ClimbPro, a function that will appeal to climbers. It displays the profile of upcoming slopes and other useful information to manage your ascent (see our explanations in the next dedicated paragraph).

The meter uses Firstbeat algorithms to provide some physiological measurements, including heart rate data and its variability (if wearing a belt): calories burnt, VO2max, recovery time (recommended rest time before re-training), Training Effect score (score from 0 to 5 indicating the effects of the outing on training, including overtraining).

For mountain bikers, the Edge 130 includes ATV dynamics, indicators on the output that can then be used to analyze your technique to improve it. The Edge offers 3 functions to evaluate the difficulty of the course (Grit function), to measure the fluidity of the descents (Flow function) and to record the data of the jumps (Jump function):

  • Grit: the difficulty of the course is evaluated from the altitude, the difference in height, the slope and the rapid changes in direction. It is independent of the cyclist and allows several tracks to be tested and compared with each other.
  • Flow: the meter evaluates the fluidity of the descent by analyzing various parameters, including how braking is used. This score is directly related to the user and his experience.
  • Jump: this function counts the number of jumps and records their position, length, time in the air.

The GPS is compatible with Strava Live Segments, a feature offered by Strava in partnership with Garmin. You can choose a favourite segment (piece of road) or several and compare its performance on this segment to that of a previous outing. The Edge detects the approach of the segment, signals it and then indicates the time spent, the distance remaining before the end of the segment, and the delay or advance compared to the best time. The new score will then be stored in your Strava account. The interest is to know where you are on a given segment compared to other exits and whether you can possibly beat your record. You can imagine climbing a mountain pass with a status at every kilometre to manage the climb and improve your times.

The Edge 130 Plus features Virtual Partner and Virtual Racer, allowing you to compete against yourself or a community member on a given course or set a pace for the race.

Finally, the GPS counter allows you to program alarms based on a parameter (time, distance, etc.) to be reached.

ClimbPro: to better manage climbs

ClimbPro function
ClimbPro displays the altitude profile of the route and useful data to manage its ascent

This is one of the great advantages of this new GPS bike computer compared to the old model, at least for mountain bikers and cyclists who like to climb hills.

ClimbPro is a function designed for climbers. Already present on the mid and high-end counters (Edge 530, Edge 830, Edge 1030, Edge 1030 Plus) but also on the latest high-end watches (Garmin Fenix 6 and Forerunner 945), it displays the altitude profile of the route, indicates the percentage of average slope, the remaining difference in altitude to be climbed and the distance to the summit. The profile is divided into coloured sections according to difficulty (grey levels on Edge 130 Plus). This makes it easy for the cyclist to analyse the difficulty of the slope and manage his effort accordingly.

ClimbPro requires the route to be programmed into the device and followed. The function analyzes the route in advance and cuts it into sections according to the detected climbs. It displays the details of the climbs (average slope, difference in height, length of climb). When approaching a climb, it displays the profile and data. These are recalculated in real time as the ascent progresses.

Assistance and safety functions: LiveTrack, fall detection, Varia

The Edge 130 Plus is pretty well provided in terms of rider assistance features. The assistance function with calling an emergency number and sending GPS coordinates is complemented by a new incident detection function (falls, shocks). This function, already present on the latest Garmin watches and counters, was not present on Edge 130.

We find the LiveTrack function that allows you to be followed on the Internet by your contacts (the platform allows you to send an email with a link to click for tracking on a map). The function has been improved by Garmin recently to display the route (in addition to the cyclist's position).

The meter is also compatible with Varia lights and radar. The Edge detects and displays the position of vehicles approaching from behind on the GPS screen.

Connectivity: weather, configuration porting, smart notifications

The Edge 130 Plus is compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone) phones and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can also use your PC for data transfers and downloading data fields, dials, widgets and applications.

The Edge offers a weather access widget (of course you need a connected Smartphone if you want to check the forecast during an outing).

Garmin introduces a new feature that saves a lot of time if you were already using an Edge counter: the automatic configuration of sensors and profiles from the old Garmin device. The function is limited to 20 sensors, which should be enough for many!

Finally, Garmin announces that the Edge 130 Plus will soon be able to control a Tacx home-trainer. This means that you will be able to use your Edge counter for indoor training without having to reconfigure the device. Among other things the counter will be able to control the resistance of the home-trainer depending on the itinerary. A function to be tested once available.

Our opinion about the Garmin Edge 130 Plus

A GPS bike and mountain bike computer offering the essentials

Display 8 data fields

If the Edge 130 has been a success story thanks to its comprehensive features and affordable price, the Edge 130 Plus should also be a success, especially thanks to the new features that this new model has brought and that were missing. The ClimbPro function, advanced workout programming and MTB dynamics make the model really attractive. It's a great value for money meter that will satisfy many cyclists and mountain bikers.

Small, ultra light and robust, it can easily be attached to a bicycle or mountain bike and can remain discreet. We appreciate its size for mountain bike outings rather than a wide model that is more easily broken during falls. It is rather complete for an entry-level GPS.

The essential functions are there. GPS navigation (route tracking, turn-by-turn navigation and back to the start) is sufficient for most uses, even off the known tracks. The ClimbPro function and programmable workouts are the big pluses of this meter compared to the previous model. It is also easy to use.

Only the autonomy is a little weak, especially if you use external sensors and follow a programmed route or use a connected Smartphone (count 8 to 10 hours at the most even if tests show that you can exceed 12 hours, depending on use and outdoor temperature conditions).

This meter is perfect for outings around (roads and trails), for occasional outings, work. For cyclotourists, it is better to use a counter with cartography. Demanding sportsmen, competitors and professionals will need more elaborate sports functions as well.

Edge 130 or Edge 130 Plus? Which one to choose? Should you switch to the new model?

The difference between the 2 models is just a few extra features, all for the same price. So we have everything to gain with this new meter. But if you don't need the new features, you can choose the old model and save up to €70.

The 3 major improvements of the Edge 130 Plus are the management of bike and mountain bike climbs with the ClimbPro function, training with the ability to program advanced workouts, and mountain biking with the dynamics to improve technique. If these functions don't concern you, there's no need to invest in this new computer, which also offers a lower autonomy.

If you are a climber, if you like to climb big passes or if you practice mountain biking on hilly slopes, the ClimbPro function will be a definite asset. It will allow you to anticipate difficulties and manage your effort for a successful ascent. No more unpleasant surprises due to insufficient preparation. As long as you load and follow a given route (ClimbPro only works with pre-loaded data).

For people who want to progress, advanced workout programming is also an indispensable function. But if your goal is performance, the Edge 130 Plus may be limited in features. You may want to consider a more complete Edge model.

Finally, the addition of fall detection coupled with the emission of an SOS will be of interest to people who cycle or mountain bike alone. It offers additional safety, provided you use a connected Smartphone.

We liked
  • Compact, rugged and lightweight GPS
  • The quality-price ratio
  • A complete and easy to use meter
  • The easy-to-read screen
  • The barometric altimeter and its accuracy
  • Turn by Turn navigation
  • The ClimbPro function
  • Advanced workouts programming
We would have liked
  • The ability to manually calibrate the altimeter
  • The use of all power sensor data
  • A better autonomy

Price and availability

The Garmin Edge 130 Plus has been available for sale since June 2020 at the recommended retail price of €199.99. The model comes with a standard stand and mounting bracket (hanger or stem), a micro-USB cable, an elastic strap and a starter guide.

Garmin also offers, for an additional €50, a heart rate pack (HRM) including a textile cardio belt and, for an additional €70, a mountain bike pack including a mountain bike stand (in addition to the standard stand), a speed sensor, an Edge remote control to be attached to the handlebars and a silicone cover.

Discover these counters at our partners and take advantage of our discount vouchers.

Buy Garmin Edge 130 Plus

Price (from)
199 €
189.05 € (*1)
199.99 €

(*1) Discount of -5% on this product with coupon code 5A15 !

Buy Garmin Edge 130

Price (from)
199 €
179 €
199 €
144.99 €

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