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5 amazing tips to lose weight

by Cédric Jourdan, sports coach © Copyright
thin woman measuring her waist

Easy and original tips to make the difference!

Losing weight requires time and diligence. If you apply the right principles, it is not impossible to lose 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg or more. Nevertheless, there are some basic rules to achieve your goal such as a low-calorie diet combined with sports practice to increase your energy expenditure. Today, we decide to go further by offering you 5 amazing tips to lose weight. These are original and effective tips to refine your figure.

Tip #1: Make 5 meals a day to lose weight

This advice may seem surprising, but it has proven its effectiveness. Making 3 meals a day is practical on a daily basis but does not seem ideal for our body.

Whether you want to gain weight or lose it, it is advisable to split your food intake. This improves the assimilation of food and will prevent you from arriving hungry in front of your plate.

In concrete terms, it is not about eating more, but simply splitting your meals. For example, if you need to consume 1500 kcal per day, we encourage you to set up three meals at 400 kcal each (morning, noon and evening), while integrating two snacks at 150 kcal each, at 10 am and 4 pm.

graph difference 3 meals per day versus 5
Practising 5 meals per day improves food assimilation and thus helps to lose weight more easily

The curves can be associated with our energy reserves. By eating 3 meals a day, you increase the risk of cravings in the middle of the morning and afternoon. Thanks to 5 food intakes, you can lose weight without constantly feeling hungry. It is important to know that the more hungry you are when approaching a meal, the more likely you are to eat too much to satisfy your needs, not to mention the snacking.

It is therefore not really a question of making "5 meals a day" strictly speaking but rather 3 meals + 2 snacks. Snacks will take the form of one or two fruits, a slice of turkey breast or a few cashews. This snack at 4:00 p. m. is also important if you exercise. It allows you not to go to training on an empty stomach in order to have enough energy to do productive sports sessions.

graph difference 3 meals per day versus 5
Practising 5 meals per day improves food assimilation and thus helps to lose weight more easily

Tip #2: Don't go on a diet!

yoyo and meter
Beware of the "yoyo" effect of diets. Instead, turn to a rebalancing of the diet.

Are you on your umpteenth diet and your waist circumference hasn't changed? Does your weight play the yo-yo game? That's normal. The vast majority of people who have lost weight through diet have recovered the pounds they lost some time later. It's the famous yo-yo effect.

The explanation is simple: a diet involves a dietary restriction, a feeling of frustration. For example, during your diet, you are not allowed to eat bread, chocolate, sauce, pastries, etc. If you are mentally strong, you can do it, which allows you to lose weight quickly. However, according to the expression, "chase away the natural, it comes back at a gallop". This results in a return to bad habits once the diet is over! Our trick is to stop believing in diet and turn to a balanced diet.

Dietary rebalancing is based on a gradual but lasting change in your eating habits. In concrete terms, you need to learn to eat better at a lifetime level. There is no end date! There is therefore an obvious advantage for your physical and mental health but also for your figure. If you like chocolate, eat it! This is not a problem. On the other hand, then, you will have to think about rebalancing the balance the rest of the day by consuming less carbohydrates or fat at the next meal. The objective is to eat better, without frustration, by learning to rebalance your diet according to the differences or small pleasures consumed.

Tip #3: Eat slowly to lose weight

Chi va piano va sano
woman eating a salad

A study published in 2018 in Japan focused on the food absorption rate of 59,171 men and women.

Taking into account, among other things, BMI, body weight or waist circumference, they found that eating slowly favoured weight loss.

Eating slowly helps to lose weight, while improving your health. Indeed, eating slowly, i.e. at least for 20 minutes, leaving enough time between each bite, allows the feeling of satiety to emanate from our brain. In addition, there is an improved food chewing system that facilitates absorption and digestion.

Spicy food is also a great way to lose weight. Spices such as curry, cayenne pepper, turmeric or cinnamon can be used to increase the basal metabolism. As a flavour enhancer, spices help to limit the consumption of salt or oil in our dishes, which is fully beneficial to our health.

Finally, drinking green tea regularly helps to reduce your water retention and at the same time refine your figure.

Tip #4: Get more sleep or take naps!

sleeping woman
According to a scientific study, sufficient sleep would prevent weight gain

Sleeping enough to lose weight, or rather prevent you from getting fat, according to the American scientific study conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine(2).

Sleeping less than 7 hours a night would induce a hormonal disorder that is favourable to weight gain. Leptin is one of the causes. Fatigue implies a decrease in this hormone, linked to satiety, which encourages snacking. Ghrelin, on the other hand, tends to increase with fatigue, thus further stimulating the appetite of young sleepers.

To refine your figure, we therefore encourage you to go to bed earlier to achieve full nights, or failing that, to take a few naps.

Tip #5: Use technology to help yourself

Smartphone application to lose weight
Some Smartphone applications can be a valuable help to help you lose weight

We no longer count the hours spent on the screens and especially on our phone. Today, this investment could prove useful. Indeed, our Smartphone contain crazy, even useless applications and others that are rather essential.

To help you lose weight, we recommend 3 free and useful applications:

  • RepCam for sports
  • MyFitnessPal to count your calories
  • Mon coach Minceur to keep the motivation


logo Repcam

The application RepCam, available on App Store, allows you to play sports easily and in a fun way. The principle is simple since it is a question of opening the application and letting yourself be guided. Various cardio or muscle building trainings or challenges are offered on the application but also on the dedicated Facebook group "RepCam Challenge". You click on the chosen workout, place the phone in front of you and it will automatically count the number of repetitions. At the end of the training, you have a short video of your training that you can keep to yourself, send to your sports coach to correct the posture or share on social networks.

logo MyFitnessPal

The application MyFitnessPal, on the other hand, helps you to count the number of calories consumed during your meals. The application asks you to enter exactly what you ate during the day. It then automatically calculates the number of calories, proteins, carbohydrates or ingested fats. So, in less than 10 minutes a day, you know exactly where you stand on calories and balance carbohydrates, fats and proteins and then adjust your diet accordingly.

logo Mon Coach Minceur

Finally, Mon coach Minceur is in a way a personal assistant. After entering your current weight, goal, age, etc., you will be able to the application offers you different tips and challenges for helping you stay motivated. Among them are "Go for a walk", "Don't snack in front of the TV", "Drink more water", "Park my car far away". You can record the physical activities performed during the day as well as the calories consumed.

In conclusion

There are amazing tips to help you lose weight. Remember that weight loss must be sustained to be effective and avoid the yo-yo effect. The objective is to gradually modify your habits so that they become sustainable.


(1) Effects of changes in eating speed on obesity in patients with diabetes: a secondary analysis of longitudinal health check-up data, Y. Hurst, H. Fukuda

(2) Late bedtimes and less sleep may lead to weight gain in healthy adults

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